Netflix Demise

You too, you fed on Netflix like a mantis on his husband. But lately, you feel like the quality of the shows they produce is … You don’t really know … But something is missing. If you don’t enjoy netlix’s shows like before (except some oddities like the The Peaky Blinders or The Good Place ), I have my theory on why that is.

Netflix is like a senior who made a name for himself at a random evil 500 fortune company, fearing the arriving of a younger, ambitious junior armed with daddy’s network ( talking about Amazon prime video/ Facebook watch / Apple Series and the most dangerous of them all Disney +) . To keep it’s place, this senior is throwing down ideas at his boss (us, the viewers) like a president with Super Sayan hairs throw bills at porn stars ( but sssssh we’re not supposed to know about that)

The other platforms are not afraid to pay ridiculous amount of money for their own productions ( looking at you amazon and "" The Lord Of The Ring 1 billion production). So Netflix desperately count on your need to consume new shows ALL THE TIME , the faster the better, the more the merrier. Any ideas is apparently welcomed even the bad ones (if you have an idea, go for it you might have a decent shot) as long as they get to produce produce and produce again to keep us from leaving them. Anyway, we can assume the lack of great productions on Netflix is due to the greedy devouring voracious competition, sooooo blame the other guys.


Here find a video, it's less boring and it makes more sense than teh pile of crap you just read.