Why care about art

Why care about art

Art is everywhere, really.

The TV show you’re watching. Art. When you hear a song. Art. When you walk in the street. Art. The design of your car. Art… When … you get it.

But is art that important in your everyday life ?

Art is creation. Since Internet is around, there’s a lot a creation. As a result, we can compare to A LOT OF PEOPLE and sometimes, it can be pretty depressing. You’re proud of your piano skills? Here’s a little girl who can do it better and faster than you... and she’s 6… and blind. You can draw ? Well let me show you that guy who can draw anything without eraser and he has a photographic memory. You’re into photography ? Here’s some extraordinary shots that you can’t achieve because the photographer has a camera that worth you entire car. My point is : there’s always someone to compare to and you’ll always find someone who surpasses you. Don’t do it. Don’t compare to others, take inspiration and learn from them. Sure art can be about technic but really it is about creating ; and anybody can do it.

Art is expression. It is important to feel that you’re heard, seen or listened to. Art is powerful tool to communicate and connect with others through various humane emotions. In a sense, art is not useful  but essential to life. With it, you can bring life to your thoughts. It is a testimony of what you were, what you thought at a precise moment in time. It can give you a purpose, a way to know yourself and to let people know who you are.

Art is sharing. You probably underestimate how much art made you the person you are today. Without music, films, books, even paintings and such you wouldn’t be the same person. Strong ideas, strong messages have been made through art and they still resonate to this day. By nature, art is to be shared, it is to expose oneself to the world. It is the most difficult thing to do but also the most important as art can litteraly change people.

In the end, art is the one of the most humane gesture possible.

« Art is the proper task of life ». Nietzsche